5 Tips To Help You Choose The Best Reiki Training For You!

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1. The Reiki Master

It is important to assess the Reiki master who will be teaching you. Read your instructor’s credentials. Ask the following questions:

  • Do they have a Reiki practice? Do they have at least 3-5 years of experience?

  • Have they been working consistently with Reiki throughout the years?

  • Is their teaching style one that works for you?

  • Is the training long enough? (It should be at least 6-8 hours)

  • Is their reputation good?

  • Have they shared in their advertisement all that they will teach you? If so, does the information match up with what other Reiki Masters teach?

  • Are they a part of an association, alliance or organization? They don’t have to be and some amazing teachers aren’t. The benefit of being a member of an association, alliance or organization is that the teacher is normally held to a high standard.

  • Is the price fair? Most Reiki masters set their own prices and some barter. Prices normally range from $80-$200 for Reiki 1.

  • Do you feel drawn to work with them? This is the main question to ask and trust. Let your intuition guide you to who is optimal for you to work with.

NOTE. No teacher is perfect. Have respect, compassion and understanding when a Reiki Master offers to share with you their Reiki lineage. A lot goes into a training. A good Reiki Master will do their best, while humbly knowing that can’t give everyone everything they need all the time.

2. Manuals

I can’t tell you how many people have shared that they never received a manual or book with their training, and because they don’t have a good source to reference, they don’t remember a lot of the content covered during the training and are confused. It is important to have written material to reference later on as you continue to develop your proficiency with Reiki. If someone isn’t offering a manual or book suggestions, think twice about investing the money in their training.

3. Reiki Shares

Most established Reiki Masters offered regular Reiki shares. Why are Reiki shares important? They afford you safe spaces with guidance from your teacher to help you develop and also continue to heal yourself. Reiki shares are the main benefit after you have been trained. Shares also help you extend your circle of friends(your Reiki brothers and sisters). Many teachers don’t have a spaces set up to offer people a regular gathering place. And so, once they finish their training, their development is stunted or stagnates because there is no ongoing support and guidance. We offer Reiki shares at The Nexus Society for you that are by donation or $10 per gathering.

4. Ongoing Support/Accessibility

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The Reiki Master should be accessible to you and personable so that you can ask him/her/they your questions. You WILL have questions, and the Reiki master will likely have the answers. Instead of staying within your own limiting understanding of things or confusing yourself with internet searches; it is important to have a Reiki Master you can reach out to. A reiki master is dedicated to those they initiate.  All students who learn from The Nexus Society will have the email and phone number of their Reiki Master.

5. Certificates

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Is the Reiki Master a member of an association, alliance or organization to certify you through? If not, they should have a business or not-for-profit they can certify you through. Be suspect of training that offers no certificates or offers certificates without being connected to a legitimate business, center or organization.  Certificates should have the name of the Reiki Master, the date of the training, what the training was, your name and potentially the organization/alliance/business.

Below are some of the main things a Reiki Master should teach you in Reiki I and II. All of these are taught within the Reiki training through The Nexus Society. Our next Reiki I training is October 21st from 10:30 -5pm. Sign up by clicking HERE

Reiki I

★ What is Reiki and How Does It Work
★ The History of Reiki
★ Reiki Benefits
★ The Five Reiki Principles
★ Reiki Meditation
★ Our Reiki Lineage
★ Ethics of Reiki
★ The Healing Crisis
★ The Chakras & Reiki
★ What is a Reiki Attunement and Receiving Level 1 Initiation/attunement
★ The Power Symbol, Uses and Practice
★ Grounding and Protection With Reiki
★ The Three Pillars Of Reiki
★ Self-Healing Hand Placements and Practice
★ Hand Positions & Placement for Healing the Healee
★ The Session; What to do before, during, after a treatment on a Reiki Table and Reiki Hand Positions for Treatment using a Chair
★ Three clairs
★ Byosen – scanning the energy body
★ Reiki Share and Group Sessions
★ Other Uses for Reiki

Reiki II

★ Review of Level 1 & Discussion (experiences and questions)
★ The Mental/Emotional Symbol, Uses
★ The Distant Healing Symbol, Uses
★ Additional Unique Usage Of Symbols (Goal Setting, Manifestation, Space & Crystal Clearing, Karmic Healing, Healing Addictions & Unwanted Patterns, Using Reiki On Specific Problem Areas In Life & Past Situations)
★ Ethics Of Distant Healing
★ Beaming & Integrating the Symbols into a session
★ Anatomy of Reiki
★ Receive the Level 2 Initiation
★ Reiki box

★ Practice Doing Healings (Distant & In Person) Student Exchange
★ 3 Additional Clairs & How To Work With Them In a Treatment
★ Reiki Meditation
★ Reiki Shower
★ Group Reiki
★ Documenting A Session
★ Reiki practice and receive a shout out on our social media



Our Centre’s Reiki Master’s Credentials:
She has received training from three different people over the past 6 years. Her first training and attunement happened in Ukraine in 2012 by a psychic-medium of 30 years. Her second training happened in 2014  in Coquitlam, BC a registered CRA (Canadian Reiki Association) teacher in 2014. Her training and attunements continued with a Japanese Reiki Master in Burnaby in 2015 who lovingly took her on as a student for a few months. He gave her the first Reiki Master level and she took a second Reiki Master level again in Coquitlam by the same CRA Reiki teacher in 2018.  She’s learned a variety of different ways to work with Reiki from all of them, which she will teach you. She’s started her energy healing practice in 2010 and received energy healing training in 2009 for in a psychic psychic/medium/energy healing mentorship, in 2010 she also learned energy healing 101 from the CDM in Vancouver. She’s attended a multitude of healing circles, and Reiki shares throughout the years and has an extensive understanding of doing energy work from all her years of experience. Lastly, she is a licensed esthetician/spa therapist for over 10 years and has a holistic approach that includes working with your psychic senses, also known as the clairs.

When People Use Energy Healing As A Form Of Self-Hatred

I know the title of this blog might sound strange, with that being the case, I ask that you have an open mind while reading it. I simply felt guided to address what has been reported to me by healers and observed by me in my own life.  This blog is meant to educate in a compassionate way. It is not to make anyone wrong. There is ZERO judgment here. Discernment is the end value I hope to provide.

Energy healing is a powerful tool to use in your spiritual journey. It is used to assist you in attaining and sustaining your optimum state of well being.  What happens sometimes though, is that people seek out energy healing from a place of “something is wrong with me, I’m a bad person, I’m off, I’m gross, I need to be fixed, I hate that about myself, I’m disgusting, etc.” The catalyst is shame, blame, guilt and negativity. Instead, what would serve them better is to come  from a place of “I love myself so I’m going to consistently utilize preventative care, I care about how I feel so I’m going to seek out those things that help me feel good, I am worthy, I love myself so I’ll treat myself, I value myself, I know that something is out of alignment and I’m willing to do the work to correct it, I’m open, ready willing and able to have more health and well being.” The motivating factor is love, worth and positivity.

Now, I do want to point out that everyone must start somewhere; the catalyst doesn’t always matter in the end. The main thing that matters is someone has the healing.  However, if they are always using something bad, broken or wrong to catapult them into healing, they will always attract and manifest those in order to heal. This is where people tend to get stuck in a rut. They will feel like they never heal because something keeps going wrong in order for them to seek out healing.

This post is an encouragement to move into heal in the most loving way possible by offering awareness, so I will point out a few things that I’ve done or I’ve heard others have done that keep them from this.

Those that come for healing, when coming from a place of self-hating will look to the healer to agree with their disempowering belief of self. I’m awful at this, yeah?  They’ll say things like, “I know I’m bad at this and that, right? I should have done that, right? I can’t get these things right, you know me…that’s just how I am, hey? I’m so f-ed up, I’m never going to fully heal; I’ll have to keep coming to you for the rest of my life, don’t you think?” Or they’ll accuse the healer of already thinking things of them, such as “I can tell you are mad at me. I feel like you think I’m bad. I’m disgusting, I know you think so.  It would be ok for you to hate me, I wouldn’t blame you.  I know you think I’m _____. ” Or, they’ll affirm that there is something gross about them and apologize. Examples are as follows: “I’m a failure; I’m sorry. I know it was wrong of me to have done those things and I hate myself for it, I bet you hate me too.”

What is the remedy for the dysfunctional cycle of negative motivation for healing? Positive motivation!  Start right now by asking yourself and answering the following questions to bring more positivity.

  • What’s good about me?

  • What value do I bring to myself?

  • What greatness have I witnessed about myself?

  • What am I worthy of/what is my worth as a woman/man/being?

  • Why love myself?

  • What positive thing can I remind myself of right now?

  • What is already good enough that I want to maintain?

  • How can I use healing in a more positive way?

Now, even with the awareness I’ve provided in this blog, you still might do the things mentioned above. That’s okay. Again, the point of this post is to educate you enough so that you catch yourself and choose better.  Coaches, mentors and healers are here to support and assist us in our individual journeys into positive motivation and maintain wellness.  I, personally strive to assist each person who comes to me in maneuvering out of the negative motivations behind healing and into more loving ways in my sessions.  To sign up for a healing session with me, please go to our spiritual services page.