We are a registered spiritual not-for-profit. The Integration Centre Of the Nexus Society (or the ICON) is a member-funded, community-led, interspiritual, interfaith, intercultural, independent, self-governing entity, incorporated in the Province of British Columbia that strives to honor the beautiful diversity of spirituality. This spiritual nexus (also known as a church/spiritual centre) is a spiritual care centre for the purposes of creating a safe and compassionate haven for learning and integrating wisdom teachings and supporting its members in practicing the world’s spiritual traditions. The Nexus is both a virtual centre and physically one. Our physical location is on Commercial Dr and 13th in Vancouver and online we connect via facebook.com/groups/spiritualmysticnation We draw from Spiritualism, New Thought, Esotericism, Mysticism, Wicca, Paganism, Spiritism, Ho’oponopono, Native American Spirituality, Buddhism and adopt further spiritual practices and teachings as they relate to our spiritual advancement.

There is no dogma or religious control; we have our spiritual ideas we profess to be true. We focus on the perennial philosophy, which unifies the wisdom throughout all religions, spiritual expressions, and traditions. Our focus is on establishing a sound foundation for harmonious social-physical-mental-emotional-spiritual well being. We welcome diversity of lifestyles, POVs, religions, ethnicities and all levels of development.  

As a member-funded society, we depend solely on the contribution of our members. Anyone can contribute. When you honor us, we are able to honor you ten times over. Financial contributions help us foster spiritual harmony through monthly meditations, rituals, spiritual talks, socials, healing circles, divination practice, classes, workshops, gatherings, Sunday service, textbooks, online courses, outreach programs, ministry and other charitable acts to the local community. Currently, we are seeking to change locations and raise the fund to do so. Through contributions, we are also able to keep event prices low and remain up and running. You may contribute in other ways, not just financial, through volunteering your time to help out, donating materials and getting the word out about the ICON.

The ICON. has four pillars of focus, 16 professions of truth and three definitions of the term Nexus. Integration Centres are a starting point on the way towards the spiritual vision of an economical, ecological, self-sustaining, intentional-faith community/residential ecovillage.

Orientation and membership details are coming soon. Our paid membership facebook group can be found here and our free facebook group can be found here.