The 13 Reasons Why “Bad” Things Happen.

In the decade I’ve been offering spiritual services to others the most common question I’m asked is, why did this “bad” thing happen to me?  Now, I put the word bad in quotation marks because I don’t think of things as good or bad anymore and never really did. I think of things as desirable and undesirable.  However, in order to clarify things to people, I decided to use the common word of bad and write out 13 of the most common reasons people believe bad things happen in the spiritual community.

I am not agreeing or disagreeing to any of the things mentioned in my following list. What is true or false for you is something I make no presumptions about. You will decide for yourself. And yes, more than one answer can apply to you.

1. We choose it before coming to Earth in the Inbetween Life part of our existence.

2. We were warned by our spirit guides, angels, higher self, ancestors or the Universe, and ignored the warning, so things just happened as forewarned.

3. We manifested/attracted it through fear from our energy vibration once here on Earth by the law of attraction.

4. We are the product of our environment, so because everyone or the majority of those around us are attracting one thing, we automatically end up in its path, unless we are self-aware enough to cancel it out. Meaning -when you aren’t doing your spiritual work to maintain healthy energy in your personal energy field of energy then “bad” things happen, not because there is a curse, but because you are more susceptible to your environmental smog.

5. We are here to learn Life Lessons and if everyone was good we wouldn’t learn. The lesson might be to learn compassion, forgiveness or boundaries, etc. To learn a life lesson is to embody it at the moment, not just think we understand. We have to show it.

6. We experience these things because they put us on the path to fulfilling our Life Purpose. Such as being in a place where we need charity from others so that one starts or runs a charity.

7. We as souls are like The Universe, which likes variety; therefore, the experience was just for the sake of experiencing it -no more and no less.

8. We are at the mercy of fate. Fate is often seen as a punishment. For example, when one strays from the intended path (intended by the Universe or Higher Self) fate causes something bad to happen to get us back on track. *Not a fan of this one.*

9. We are using a “negative” situation to confront our fears and get over it in order to live life freely and empowered.

10. We are trying to get to a place where it doesn’t matter or to accepted it by having the same experience over and over again. Meaning, if someone’s hands are too sensitive, they punch a bag over and over again until they are calloused and less sensitive. The flip side of this is, we are too insensitive from desensitizing ourselves to life, to the point that we aren’t connecting to others or ourselves so a negative experience comes to open us up to feeling again.

11. We were there to teach them a life lesson, which is like dropping a milk bottle so that another person learns to not cry over spilled milk.

12. It is Karma from a previous life or from this life as punishment. *Not a fan of this one either.* Karma can also be seen as for awareness. When we judge someone what we are really saying to the Universe is “I don’t understand that” and so the Universe provides a situation for you to be in someone’s shoes. Additionally, this can also come through as karmic generational issues, where the pattern in our family’s bloodline is in our DNA and what our grandparents or other ancestors did and didn’t do might still be trying to be worked out/heal through us in our present lives.

13. No reason or rhyme…life just happens. We don’t know and likely will never fully know why, so just live blissfully in the mystery. And yes, that was supposed to rhyme.

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