Is your “dysfunctional” life pattern really your spiritual life calling?

In this blog, a pattern is defined as the thing that shows up in our lives that brings challenges, which we might think/feel is wrong…we might deem the situation, us or the person(s) involved as broken and need fixing…we might be judgemental and see things as bad… we might conclude we are out of alignment and need healing so that we can be liberated from the cycle.  Now, sometimes we might be out of alignment; however, in other situations, we might be missing the message. And that message is, that we might be having our spiritual life calling.

A life calling is defined in this blog as what your soul came here to do for yourself and others. It is the impact you have on humanity and the planet. Your life mission is to carry out this calling soundly. 

Let’s say that someone is working for a company where the boss or manager is incompetent because that person can see where things could be improved, they are likely called to do that job. It can be a sign to move on from this job as well, but that doesn’t mean that it is not also a message that you are called to be a boss or hold a manager position. 

For another example, let’s say someone regularly finds romantic partners who are emotionally imbalanced, lost or liars. Perhaps that person is in those situations to realize that they are to become a counselor, healer, hypnotherapist or a criminal investigator because they are good at picking up on lies. Instead of making themselves wrong and beating themselves up for not being a perfect manifestor, they see the beauty in the calling and honor it by doing it. 

In many instances, patterns prepares us for our life calling by equipping us with the discovery of a new tool or the opportunity to exercise a tool or is giving us direction on who we are becoming. We will usually get profound AHA moments through these patterns that lead us to our life calling.

Additionally, these patterns can be a life lesson. Life lessons are opportunities to exercise, experience, demonstrate and embody a spiritual virtue. I would prefer them to be called life authentication periods where we are divinely offered the space to express the authenticity of our souls. Then, we can be a witness to the beauty of life and its challenges.

Rejecting your life calling causes the pattern to repeat. We reject it by not realizing it or by avoiding it. We dishonor the calling by saying we have to, we should, we’re supposed to or we need to. The truth is, we GET to, we are INVITED to, we are ASKED to, we TREAT ourselves to.  Now, as I say that, please be aware that your pace and process of getting out of the supposed to, have to and others rejections, is your divinity being expressed. It can take you 2 year, 50s years or a day. Whatever it is, know that the Divine loves you through the whole journey and holds no judgments against you because it knows you are made perfectly for whichever expression is being birthed through you. Perfection is what you already are. So, get out of the false mental idea that the ideal of perfection and anything less than a perfectly manifested life means something is wrong or misaligned. Reevaluate the patterns and habits because they might be mirroring to you what you are and what you are here to do. 
Note. You can state to spirit I no longer what to learn that way and to no longer give me the message this way, no longer give me the training this way.

Life is about balance, so as you exercising being a responsible adult…don’t forget to PLAY. Have a support system of friends, teachers and family…that makes the whole thing worth it and enjoyable. And don’t try to convince me that you’re less than amazing. YOU’VE GOT THIS.

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