Renaming Yourself As An Adult

What’s in a nameβ“πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Many spiritual people nowadays are renaming themselves. Are you one of them? I think that is a beautiful thing. This post is to help you choose which name is best for who you are today and who you are becoming.

First, consider what a name is.πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ A name is a title that sums up who you are. It is what you are known as and addressed by. It is your heart’s song. Your name is your true nature. Now, if your name, no longer speaks the truth of who you are, then perhaps it is time to update it. When someone calls you, I believe they should be speaking into existence the power of the Original Calling that Source created you with.

Renaming yourself as an adult can be done by answering 3 things.

Consider what your ancestors did when they were learning to interpret signs from the Divine. They observed what happened before and after the sign in order to give it meaning. When it came to titling a child, they observed the child and titled them based on observations. Many times, the name was based on the family unit before, what the pregnancy was like and the personality of the child after. So, reminisce on yourself, observing who you’ve been and who you are now. Soon you will have your answer for what your nature is.

This is what blessing you bring to the planet. This goes beyond the actual act such as singing, building, writing, drawing, speaking, organizing, etc. It is about the feeling and awareness brought by what you do. Perhaps if you are good at singing, then relaxation is your gift. If you are good at building, perhaps comfort is your gift. Maybe your art brings joy. We are all more than what we do; we are the impact made from our deeds. What is the unique patterning of deeds that lays over your life?

This is what you require in order to live in the fullness of your nature and be a true blessing to life. Think of it as the keys that unlock your potential or as what will protect you from the protagonist in your story. For example, a warrior spirit brings determination to never stop being yourself no matter what. Clarity and discernment helps you so that you never forget what you are here to do.

When you talk to yourself, you are to be reawakening yourself to these three things. When you introduce yourself to people, you are rekindling the truth of these three things. I practice having the first name speak on your nature, the second name speaks on the tools to overcome and the third is your legacy.

If these 3 don’t work for you, consider a name you’ve always been drawn to, and then ask yourself why. You can use numerology or a psychic to discover your new name, but I STRONGLY recommend, trusting yourself and deciding on a name because you CHOOSE it, not because someone else told you. Focus on who you are, your individual being, what you do and its impact, and what you have or are committed to having.

Remember to have fun. May your renaming ceremony by one of ease and grace, without stress and without confusion.

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