Burning Ritual For The New Year

Burning Ritual For You. Uncreate and release before 2019 with this ancestral ceremony. Ten Step Ritual:1. Get Material (fire, pen & paper, bowl)2. Calling In prayer (welcome in the energy you will be working with)3. Decide what to release. Name it to claim it. (let your intuition & heart guide you on what to release)4. Write it in detail on paper 5. Give yourself permission to release and open up.6. Burn it (be careful)7. As it burns, watch the smoke with the intention of it being released)8. Use an affirmation9. Settle on the feeling of the life you will be living without it.10. Do it again as many times as you want

Posted by Jehey Vy on Friday, December 28, 2018
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Rituals are one of the most sacred & loving things to me. And, what I love, I share with all of you. ♡

What are rituals?
A ritual is a succession of actions aligned with an intention to celebrate, dedicate, conger, acknowledge, worship, release or create for something or someone. I offer private rituals for those who are interested. Find out more about that by clicking here

What is a burning ritual?
A ritual using the element of fire, is normally to uncreate, release and destroy what no longer belongs in your life. This can be thing like memories, habits, patterns, illnesses/dis-eases and conditions. The elemental energy of fire is destruction but also makes new space to create. It is an honoring ceremony for you.

How do you do a burning ritual?
Before I explain how to do a burning ritual, I suggest that you use the Natural Laws of inflow and outflow. You do this by doing your ritual at the time of a natural inflow or outflow moment. When it is a burning ritual for releasing, then use outflow. This would be during natural moments such as sunset, low tide, waning moon, the ending of the year or the ending of an age, etc.

Here is a ten step ritual:

1. Clean the space you’re working in & gather materials (fire, a bowl, pen & paper). The materials for fire can be matches, a candle or a lighter. I like to use a candle if I burning multiple things. For the burning container, you can use an abalone shell, a cauldron, just anything that won’t burn. If you like to write a lot, use a bigger piece of paper.

2. Do a calling in prayer. A calling in prayer is an incantation or speech that welcomes in the energy you want to work with. It gives an invitation and agreement for who you will be working with. You can work with angels, spirit guides, ancestors, deities, your higher self, the yous from other lifetimes, etc. A calling in prayer can be like the following, “I call in my ancestors to support me in healing generational patterns and supporting me with love as I do this healing work.” “I invite in my angels, above and below, to the right and left of me for guidance and amplification of this ritual. ” “Father, Mother, God, Goddess, enliven me with your energy in order to remain focused and present as I complete this ritual, thank you.” If you feel guided to, you can give the presences to hold space in the four directions.

3. Meditate & decide what to release. Meditation is anything that you feel guided to do. You can just breathe, relax and be present. Connect with your heart by placing your hands on your heart. Let your intuition and hear to guide you on what to release. Then name it to claim it. This honors the law of naming which says, what we name, we claim dominance over. You can take away the power something or someone has over you by naming it.

4. Write it in detail on paper. You can be general and use one word or describe things in detail. You can also doodle it.

5. Give yourself permission to release and open up. You can specifically say I give myself permission to release, _____. Or you can simply have the intention of permission being granted and allowing the release. Opening up also allows you to release. When we are shut off and close down, things don’t release as easily. So, I suggest just set the intention to be open, you can visualize yourself being more open and you may also ask your mind-body-heart-being connection what would it feel like to be the most open you’ve ever been to releasing what no longer belongs in your life. Then, let the mind-body-heart-being answer through being the most open.

6. Burn it. Be careful not to burn yourself and open window. Either place the paper in your fire-resistant container and then light it or light the paper and place it in the container.

7. Observe with your intention. As it burns, watch as the flame gathers up all of your thoughts and feelings, consumes it and then releases it as smoke into the Divine. Have the intention of the flame and smoke releasing what no longer belongs into the loving hands of the Divine.

8. Use an affirmation. Having an affirmation will it burns or after it burns is useful. You are affirming that your intention has been done and completed. I normally say and have people say the following: I delete, destroy and uncreate ______ on all sides, layers, levels, lines, programs, dimensions, and systems. Lets this command ripple throughout all time, in between time, and eternity until I am restored to my most optimum state of being. As that is said, so let it be, and so it is.

9. Settle in on the feeling of the life you will be living without it. I like to ask myself, what would my life be like and who would it feel like, without… whatever it is that I burned. I let my being answer with a feeling that reminds me of who I truly am, which is a powerful immortal presence that transcends this life. I normally feel liberated, whole and clear.

10. Do it again as many times as you want

NOTE. If some of the paper doesn’t burn, notice the words if there are some on the paper that didn’t burn. This can clue you into what you didn’t release, so reburn on behalf of whatever remained. If you have children, I suggest waiting until they are at least 7 or 8 to do the ritual around them, because sometimes the child will try to redo the ritual without you there. You can do the ritual around younger children, but just make sure you keep the materials out of their reach.

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