Learn Tea Leaf Reading

Have you heard of Tea Leaf Reading?  It is a divination (spiritual tool) that helps one energetically perceive into a person’s energy and life by interpreting the patterns and shapes within the leaves.  Tea leaf readings work with the language of symbolism to deliver spiritual messages, which makes it one of my favorite divinations, because each reading is uniquely different depending on what you see, feel and sense from the leaf patterns.  I find that if you are starting to delve into your spiritual abilities, tea leaf readings is one of the easiest and best ways to develop.  It’s a fun, yet profoundly insightful tool to use that also has an ease and grace to it. Are you interested in learning this tool?

It can be hard to find someone to teach you in your area and there aren’t as many people teaching this divination online to all those who want to learn, so we are offering it to those who are interested on November 15th at 5:45pm to 9:00pm Pacific Time, via Zoom.us online. You can also only sign up for our self-taught online course if you can’t attend our live class.

To sign up, click HERE. The course is only $45 for this month. After you pay and sign up for the class,  we will follow up with an email about the Zoom link.  Honor yourself this October and dive into your spiritual abilities

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