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Everyone is born with some level of intuition; I am no exception. I was raised with an understanding that our dreams held powerful wisdom, that we could communicate with the Source who created us, that telepathy was possible, and that omens were significant signs of spiritual guidance. I was raised under the Christian faith tradition; however, my faith tradition and beliefs have evolved beyond  Christianity. Still, I am grateful for the early demonstrations of dedication to the Divine because throughout my childhood I had many experiences that led me to delve further into psychic phenomenon, mediumship, manifestation, mysticism, spiritualism and what we are truly capable of as an adult. I hired my first intuitive life coach when I was 19 and then another one at 23 (I am now 32) and really since 19 I have been actively studying the spiritual world in a non-dogmatic way. In 2009 I was accepted into a one on one mentoring program with a psychic medium with over 25 years of experience. I worked with her for a 62 week program. After her, I’ve worked with various intuitive life coaches, spiritual mentors, medium teachers, advisers, shamans, psychics, self-taught people, tarot readers and consciousness experts throughout the years.

In Vancouver since 2009, I was actively engaged in attending classes, workshops, circles, gatherings, intensives, seminars, meditations and services to continue to educate myself, develop through real life practice and further my own healing. I started sharing my experiences on youtube in 2009 and providing spiritual services at 25. In 2012 I was on a Ukrainian TV show and came in 11th out of hundreds. I’ve attended spiritualist churches and am a member of a New Thought Church in Vancouver. I’ve taken additional courses and am in seminary training to become an ordained spiritual mystic minister. From reading at psychic fairs, working on online psychic/medium video chat websites and my own spiritual practice throughout the years, I have done over 1000 readings.  I am a Reiki master, licensed esthetician/spa therapist, psychic-medium and lover of life.

I feel that my purpose in life is to provide clarity and motivate/inspire others to do their own work, so that they can live their best lives. My hope for you is that by working with me or by watching my videos and reading my blogs, you will be better equipped to understand yourself, others and the spiritual side of reality.

Many Blessings!

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