What Is Mediumship? What Is The Different Between A Medium & A Psychic?

This post is to help the spiritual community understand the difference between a psychic reading and mediumship reading. It is all about the source of the information.

Medium is from the Latin word, medius, and means ‘the middle.’  A medium is one who receives messages from, and can communicate back with, spirits (those who were alive but have now passed on); they are a sort of mediator from spirits to humans.   Mediumship is a process of attuning one’s energy and mind to a receptive state of consciousness that permits an open channel for those in the Spirit World to communicate with the living, thereby allows for the demonstration of reading the spirit’s energy and communicating with it.  There must be a distinct spirit present who is giving information to the medium for mediumship to happen.  The source of the information is from the dead and the medium is a conduit between two worlds who is able to convey the messages. Mediumship generally involves three parts – the Sitter (the one having the medium read for them), the Medium (the one doing the reading), and Spirit (the out-of-body being communicating to the medium).

A psychic is someone who reads energy, such as life areas (work, love, home, family, health). The psychic does this from perceiving information from a person’s energy, their mind, chakras, aura, their environment, those connected to them or a divination. Psychics also read timelines, which are the energy essence of a situation past, present or future.  The source of information is from the living. However, the term psychic can be an umbrella phrase used for anyone who works with the paranormal.

Many psychics report feeling like the information is coming from them or they have to go get the information with a psychic reading and when doing a mediumship reading the information feels more as if it is coming at them. Most mediums are also psychic, but not all psychics are also mediums. I know this can be confusing. Seeing auras generally comes under a  psychic reading, but loved ones do sometimes show up in the aura as light sometimes, which would then put it on the lines of mediumship. Communicating with spirit guides is also generally seen as a psychic reading, but this can also fall under mediumship.

In summary, mediums are receptacles, they RECEIVE information from the deceased and relay the information, whereas psychic information is more so along the lines of PERCEIVING energetic information through the clairs.   A psychic-medium is someone who can read energy about the past, present and future, as well as communicate messages from the departed.

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