When People Use Energy Healing As A Form Of Self-Hatred

I know the title of this blog might sound strange, with that being the case, I ask that you have an open mind while reading it. I simply felt guided to address what has been reported to me by healers and observed by me in my own life.  This blog is meant to educate in a compassionate way. It is not to make anyone wrong. There is ZERO judgment here. Discernment is the end value I hope to provide.

Energy healing is a powerful tool to use in your spiritual journey. It is used to assist you in attaining and sustaining your optimum state of well being.  What happens sometimes though, is that people seek out energy healing from a place of “something is wrong with me, I’m a bad person, I’m off, I’m gross, I need to be fixed, I hate that about myself, I’m disgusting, etc.” The catalyst is shame, blame, guilt and negativity. Instead, what would serve them better is to come  from a place of “I love myself so I’m going to consistently utilize preventative care, I care about how I feel so I’m going to seek out those things that help me feel good, I am worthy, I love myself so I’ll treat myself, I value myself, I know that something is out of alignment and I’m willing to do the work to correct it, I’m open, ready willing and able to have more health and well being.” The motivating factor is love, worth and positivity.

Now, I do want to point out that everyone must start somewhere; the catalyst doesn’t always matter in the end. The main thing that matters is someone has the healing.  However, if they are always using something bad, broken or wrong to catapult them into healing, they will always attract and manifest those in order to heal. This is where people tend to get stuck in a rut. They will feel like they never heal because something keeps going wrong in order for them to seek out healing.

This post is an encouragement to move into heal in the most loving way possible by offering awareness, so I will point out a few things that I’ve done or I’ve heard others have done that keep them from this.

Those that come for healing, when coming from a place of self-hating will look to the healer to agree with their disempowering belief of self. I’m awful at this, yeah?  They’ll say things like, “I know I’m bad at this and that, right? I should have done that, right? I can’t get these things right, you know me…that’s just how I am, hey? I’m so f-ed up, I’m never going to fully heal; I’ll have to keep coming to you for the rest of my life, don’t you think?” Or they’ll accuse the healer of already thinking things of them, such as “I can tell you are mad at me. I feel like you think I’m bad. I’m disgusting, I know you think so.  It would be ok for you to hate me, I wouldn’t blame you.  I know you think I’m _____. ” Or, they’ll affirm that there is something gross about them and apologize. Examples are as follows: “I’m a failure; I’m sorry. I know it was wrong of me to have done those things and I hate myself for it, I bet you hate me too.”

What is the remedy for the dysfunctional cycle of negative motivation for healing? Positive motivation!  Start right now by asking yourself and answering the following questions to bring more positivity.

  • What’s good about me?

  • What value do I bring to myself?

  • What greatness have I witnessed about myself?

  • What am I worthy of/what is my worth as a woman/man/being?

  • Why love myself?

  • What positive thing can I remind myself of right now?

  • What is already good enough that I want to maintain?

  • How can I use healing in a more positive way?

Now, even with the awareness I’ve provided in this blog, you still might do the things mentioned above. That’s okay. Again, the point of this post is to educate you enough so that you catch yourself and choose better.  Coaches, mentors and healers are here to support and assist us in our individual journeys into positive motivation and maintain wellness.  I, personally strive to assist each person who comes to me in maneuvering out of the negative motivations behind healing and into more loving ways in my sessions.  To sign up for a healing session with me, please go to our spiritual services page.

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