Burning Ritual For The New Year

Rituals are one of the most sacred & loving things to me. And, what I love, I share with all of you. ♡ What are rituals?A ritual is a succession of actions aligned with an intention to celebrate, dedicate, conger, acknowledge, worship, release or create for something or someone. I offer private rituals for those who

Learn Tea Leaf Reading

Have you heard of Tea Leaf Reading?  It is a divination (spiritual tool) that helps one energetically perceive into a person’s energy and life by interpreting the patterns and shapes within the leaves.  Tea leaf readings work with the language of symbolism to deliver spiritual messages, which makes it one of my favorite divinations, because

Crystal Grid Love

Smile, you’re loved! This is our crystal grid of love made today. May it bring you abudant love. A class on crystal grids with all materials (grid, crystals and info charts) where you get to make one and take it home, is coming later this year. Materials will be worth $50 and the class will

5 Tips To Help You Choose The Best Reiki Training For You!

For upcoming Reiki Training through our spiritual centre, please go to meetup or facebook. Thank you!     1. The Reiki Master It is important to assess the Reiki master who will be teaching you. Read your instructor’s credentials. Ask the following questions: Do they have a Reiki practice? Do they have at least 3-5 years of experience?

Choose A Ritual That Honors Your Sun Sign

A ritual can be whatever you choose! Below are some suggestions to give you food for thought.   Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) Offering. Pour water into a vessel and offer it humbly to Spirit, your ancestors and/or spirit guides. This honors the law of giving and receiving. When we give an offering we put in motion

What Is Mediumship? What Is The Different Between A Medium & A Psychic?

This post is to help the spiritual community understand the difference between a psychic reading and mediumship reading. It is all about the source of the information. Medium is from the Latin word, medius, and means ‘the middle.’  A medium is one who receives messages from, and can communicate back with, spirits (those who were alive but have

Does being psychic ruin your TV/online streaming viewing experience?

Does being psychic ruin your TV (online streaming) viewing experience? As a writer, it is a bit tricky watching and reading other writer’s stories. Also, as a psychic, I tend to know if it will be canceled and the plot, which makes for a boring experience.  As a younger woman, I used to be confused